Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Individualism & Politics

I am an individual. No other person has my mind, heart, or soul. I see, feel, interpret, and understand the world in my own way. My upbringing, experiences, pains and trials have all contributed to the making and development of my unique persona. Though I may be unique, being unique does not make me unique. There are 7 billion others who have developed and still are developing their own individuality's. We are ever-changing as each new day presents to us a winding trail of new experiences, which in turn create new ideas, which become engrained in our minds and shift our understanding of the world around us.

The presidential election is coming up and our choices have been narrowed down to two candidates, and all 300 million of us U.S citizens have to decide which one they will vote for. I have seen the craziest campaign trail full of back-biting comments and extremely personal and offensive remarks. HOW could someone vote for him?? HOWWW are people SOO stupid??! Not just the candidates but the voters. Friendships and families suffer because of their lack in understanding individualism. To assume that everyone should see things the way you see them is incredibly naive. When a group of people look at a painting, do you think they all simultaneously look at the same part of the picture, think the same things, and make the same connections? Each person has their own reasons for seeing, understanding, and believing things the way they do. To think that someone else is an idiot because of who they are voting for makes you the idiot. I hope that this year we can express our own opinions and beliefs and show respect and love to those who disagree or see things differently than we do. For we all are individuals with unique minds, hearts, and souls.

"you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them"
--Atticus Finch